Today’s fast-paced digital world has produced quite a dilemma for people seeking high quality photography services. Digital photography is now in almost everyone’s hands and the Internet is chock full of stock images that are “good enough.” These images are offered at extremely low prices and/or “Uncle Charlie” can photograph your portrait for next to nothing. Why would you pay me my rates to create the images and multimedia projects that you need or want with so many other cheaper options available? The answer is experience and quality. “Good enough” simply isn’t good enough for you! You demand the best possible images, whether your needs are personal or commercial. There are three main reasons to choose Stephen Dantzig Productions: Experience, Knowledge, and Trust.

Experience: Stephen Dantzig has been creating professional images for over 30 years. His experience shooting transparency film has made the transition to digital imaging a seamless one. There won’t be any blown out highlights or blocked-up shadows in any photographs.

Knowledge: Stephen Dantzig is arguably Hawaii’s most prolific photographic educator. He has written 9 books and over 100 articles on photographic lighting over the past fourteen years and is the owner of Hawaii School of Photography. His understanding of light and how to modify the lighting to fit his clients needs is unsurpassed in the business.

Trust: Your satisfaction with every Stephen Dantzig Production is 100% guaranteed.

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